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 GEM Digital & Printing Services offers Intuit Web Designs, Spectacular Graphic Designs, Social Media Management, Marketing Consulting and essential Printing Services.   GEM wants to create your vision and takeover handling your social media to allow you to do what you do best and let GEM do what we do best. Digital Marketing is on the rise and best way to communicate your offerings, products and services. 


Hello , I am Gina Bretzke, Founder and Owner of GEM Digital & Printing Services.  

GEM evolved from the passion I have for design, marketing, events, technology and helping businesses grow.  All those components play a part together.  I love bringing them all together.

I have a love for people, life and COLOR.   My goal is to help my clients to engage and nurture their clients.  Simplify ways to educate, communicate, and promote products and services.   If my client is successful, then I am successful.  

Small businesses of 2-10 employees, Real Estate Industry, Music Industry and Trades are areas of expertise. I am always open for a good challenge to learn a new industry.

I am thrilled to be apart of the BNI International.  Without my amazing BNI Family, Givers Gain Strategy, I could not have had the courage to start my own business.  Here is a link to my referral partners, BNI Chapter.  I encourage visitors to join a meeting.  I also encourage to check out my BNI referral page if you need services.

How Can I help?  Schedule a  consult and connect with me.

Meet Some of Our Clients

Michalek Plumbing

 Sure Shot Acctg & Tax LLC

Homes By Jennifer Windsor

J.R. Mobile Detailing

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